Welcome to The Filmmakers’ Circle!

Are you a Hollywood professional? An indie director? Film student? Maybe even an average viewer? We have materials for your interest. Are you an amateur? Studying future cultural trends? This may be a good resource for you. Student writing a research paper? Maybe we’ll qualify as a credible source. Fan of one of our affiliated studios and film makers? Looking for other new film makers and films out there?

Anyone can read what we in The Filmmakers’ Circle have to say, but can anyone really appreciate our approach? Does anyone go to a movie theater and love what they see? Does anyone go to a movie theater and want to see more movies like what they just saw? or perhaps they go to the movie theater to be instructed, to learn, even though they don’t realize it. Perhaps they appreciate the appeal, but yearn for the transcendence; perhaps they come away from the movie theater feeling empty.

Those are the readers who will appreciate what The Filmmakers’ Circle has to say; those are the film makers who will desire our goals; those are the viewers who will choose to see our affiliates’ films over the films protected by the status quo. We are pioneers in the film industry. We are a small union of film makers who choose to seek a new standard of movies. We choose to broaden the film industry; we choose to raise the bar.

The Filmmakers’ Circle chooses to lead humanity to a higher standard of existence.

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