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A Large Scale

An outstanding CEO becomes initiated in a secret society consisting of the richest people in the world. Their goal is to influence the world and conform it to their ideals. When the society engages in dark practices, the CEO leaves due to conscience. The CEO flees the pursuit of the society, but eventually learns of a catastrophic disaster planned by the society. He chooses to save the world from the disaster, but is a second too late. He must now deal with overwhelming odds to restore the good of the people.

Thoughts welcome and appreciated.


Time Portal

I have been brainstorming for the past week or so and have come up with many different details.


A boy in his mid-late teens flies on an airplane with his brother, his girlfriend, and rich uncle (by marriage). Suddenly, all are rendered unconscious by means of a poisonous chemical released into the airtight cabin. Their bodies remain unconscious, but their immaterial being awakens into a spiritual battleground.

Once in the spiritual realm, they are made aware that they will permanently enter the spiritual realm upon their deaths, which are ever imminent with the dangerous conditions aboard the plane. However, they learn that there are two sides to the realm, and which side they enter on is determined by their loyalties in life. Due to the kids’ actions up to this point, they would enter on the side of the “Inversion”, an indeterminate allegiance of the deceased who were loyal to themselves.

This gives the kids a goal. They entered the realm by means of a time portal. To exit the realm, they must go through the opposite portal, which lies in the lowest level of the Inversion. Between the portals lie seven valleys and seven mountain ranges. In the valleys lie the seven opposites of the Inversion.

However, the chief opposition comes not from the Inversion, but from a rich businessman who wants the aid of a spiritual power to ensure the continued success of his corporation. The kids’ uncle finally worries himself to the point of surrendering himself to the Inversion to gain their support in the physical world. In return, he must claim the immaterial beings of the kids for the Inversion by preventing them from returning through the portal. In the end, the uncle dies in the physical world and the kids return through the portal, but not before they must make the most frightening and heart-wrenching decisions of their lives.

These are my thoughts on the action plot so far. I have yet to put the bones of the emotional plot together.

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