Death is the only thing.

The one thought that seems to ring when all else seems to have failed, that one promise of a grim savior seems to be the modern world’s only hope. And yet, death, for so many, only means a return to nothingness.

The one thought of death seems to be the answer to so much unhappiness; the longing for a perfect world, and yet the hope of one so distant. Death seems to promise a quick solution to all the pains and trials of modern life which seems to be so devoid of joy.

If only everyone could be perfect.

Modern writings, philosophers, and thinkers seems to indicate a despairing misery, the misery of one envisioning a perfect life, a perfect world, a perfect human being. A perfect life of no hurts, a perfect world of no suffering, a perfect human being with no faults is the goal of modern economics, government, and science. How far indeed have we come with this goal.

And yet still the misery comes. Human beings are now desiring the unthinkable. Why?

With this question I wish to begin monthly discussions here on The Filmmakers’ Circle. Please feel free to leave your thoughts on the subject in the comment box.