In every art is great power; in every film lies the power of every art. The Filmmakers’ Circle presents information and discussions for your benefit about the depth of this power, as well as how to wield it.

The Filmmakers’ Circle was created as a small group on a very distinct and unique social network. With the sad departure of the network came the transfer of the group to a new theater, but the spirit of this fellowship will remain at the heart of our new ventures.

The Filmmakers’ Circle is dedicated toward the refinement of the art of film into an honorable and beautiful means of expression and teaching. While art is meant to appeal to its audience, beauty is meant to transcend it. Beauty in art should be treasured, and yet we can imagine how our treasured transcendence is now stained with mud. When the artist places a greater importance on the monetary benefits of appeal rather than the transcendent value of beauty, the piece of art becomes stained with mud. As our art becomes mud, so we become like mud, for we learn from our art.

The Filmmaker’s Circle is dedicated to restoring the beauty in film. While working within the business of film, we strive to remember its beauty. As we remember the beauty in film, we restore the beauty in life. We hope that our readers will begin to desire this goal and join us. Together we can lift the hearts and minds of our suffering world to higher and nobler place; we can lift humanity to something better than what the eye can see.